When Steel Talks (WST) extends Happy Birthday greetings to veteran ace panist, educator and arranger Kenneth Headley


Kenneth Headley

Happy Birthday to Kenneth Headley

January 6th

Kenneth Headley (Panist, Arranger, Educator, Composer)

Kenneth Headley is a panist, composer and arranger from Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. Kenneth’s love for pan began early in his life as he wanted to walk in the footsteps of his Father Kenrick Headley. Kenrick was a key component of the Esso Steelband, and arranged for the following bands in Trinidad and Tobago for Panorama such as Exodus, Trintoc Invaders, Birdsong, Hummingbird Pan Groove, Arima Angel Harps and Tunapuna Tipica just to name a few. Kenneth has gone down to Trinidad and played with many of these bands for Panorama. Kenneth was offered a scholarship for steelpan performance at Florida Memorial University with the likes of Khuent Rose, Leon Foster Thomas, Freddy Harris III, Joanna Short, Astar Bishop and others under the tutelage of Dr. Dawn Batson. Though he was there for a short time, he rates his experience with these young giants as a major influencing moment in life. Kenneth has also enjoyed playing in Panorama in New York multiple times with Adlib Steel Orchestra. He has composed a few songs for Panorama including Spreading Hands, and Pan Pa Lam- A tribute to Bally. He has accompanied David Rudder and other Calypsonians. He has also arranged for Panorama with Tunapuna Tipica over the years alongside his family. He has also travelled as a soloist through North America and Caribbean as a soloist playing in shows in Montreal, Toronto, New York, and Trinidad. He has shared the stage with other amazing steel panists in Canada such as Earl Lapierre Jr. Salah Wilson, Mark Mosca and Talib Reid Robinson. 

 Kenneth’s musical influences are his family members Kenrick and Harold Headley, his gifted cousin Denzel Headley, other musicians such as Duvone Stewart, Freddy Harris, Khuent Rose, Leon Foster Thomas, Amrit Samaroo, Andre White, and Kendall Williams. He also has been inspired by the likes of Dr. Jit Samaroo, Clive Bradley, and Len Boogsie Sharpe. Kenneth continues to perform and play with groups throughout Vancouver. He is the co-leader/arranger of the Phase III Steel band and continues to try to grow as a musician. Kenneth is also an educator and is currently a high school administrator in British Columbia. He is a proud father of 4 and loves his beautiful wife and family who continue to encourage and support his musical journey.

Kenneth Headley| M.Ed, B.Ed, B.A|


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