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Roach to be honoured with Caribbean Artistic Development award in the U.S.A.

Global: Three years ago, the visionary Tobagonian Nevin Roach showcased ingenuity during the challenging heights of the COVID-19 lockdowns, giving birth to PanoGrama , the world’s first online steelpan competition. The inaugural event drew thousands virtually on Instagram, gaining popularity in subsequent years. Now, Roach is set to receive the 2024 Young, Gifted & Black (YGB) Entrepreneurial Award for Caribbean Artistic Development. At its core, PanoGrama is a testament to the power of simple yet innovative ideas. The solo competition united the international steelpan community, providing a platform to showcase exceptional talents. However, PanoGrama's impact extended far beyond entertainment and became a highly anticipated event globally. Since the inaugural event, Mr. Roach expanded the competition to encompass holistic development. He secured international television deals, reaching a potential audience of over one million, and fo

Fire Down Below - sung by Ann Marie Inniss

‘Fire Down Below’ sung by “Ann Marie Inniss” 2024: Tune of choice  | Cocorite West Wind Steel Orchestra  -  Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2024