Patron of the Arts Artistic Bursary 2023 designed to assist aspiring panists across the Caribbean and beyond

The Artistic Bursary 2023 award is designed to assist aspiring panists across the Caribbean and beyond in pursuing studies leading to the Bachelor of Fine Arts in the Performing Arts (BFA) with specialisation in Music (Steelpan) or the Advanced Pan Fellowship Program Certificate at The University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT). 

The Award 

The award will provide three (3) individual grants of USD$5000 to the first prize winner, USD$3000 to the second prize winner, and USD$2000 to the third prize winner. These amounts are to assist in covering the cost of tuition, travel, accommodation and course material for their first year of study.


  1. How does someone qualify? Any registration form, criteria,etc?

  2. Near the ending of the video, there are both visual and audio directives to go the website - from The University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT).

    1. When I got the video to play I realise that, but that's a lot of going to the next, going to the next. The link should have been at the end of the article.


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