Soca Vocalist “Blaxx” has passed

When Steel Talks extends condolences to the family and friends of elite Caribbean vocalist Dexter “Blaxx” Stewart.

It is When Steel Talks’ opinion that “Blaxx” was one of the most talented musicians of his era.

Dexter John Stewart, better known as “Blaxx” was born December 21st, 1962.

Dexter started his musical journey at the tender age of thirteen, where his father Jerry Stewart who fielded his own band called “Jerry and New School” molded him into what we see today.

Dexter then joined a very popular band called “Fucceccion” where he became “Blaxx” after a ten-year span. He then went on to join many other bands like “Atlantic”, “Byron Lee and the Dragonaires” and “Blue Ventures.”

He transitioned into his stage name, “Blaxx”, after a decade with his first band – a moniker that was born from his dark brown skintone that had often been a source of contention for his progress and success in the industry.

In 1999 when the legend himself, Mr. Roy Cape approached “Blaxx” and asked him to join his family of musicians (Roy Cape All Stars). Mr. Blaxx honourably accepted - and the rest is history.... To say the least, “Blaxx” was one of the most versatile artists in Soca today.

Out of the spotlight, “Blaxx” was a loving, caring family man. With his wife, he was a father to 5 beautiful children, a beloved member of his community and a cherished son and brother of Trinbago soil.

*** Below, New York’s ADLIB Steel Orchestra performing one of Blaxx’s hits, “Hulk.” 

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