Panman Dane Gulston calls for Taste of Panorama boycott


SOUR NOTE: Dane Gulston who is calling on fellow panmen to boycott the Taste of Panorama event

Gulston, along with Robert Hernandez, Gerard Mendez and Earl Morris, said the event should not be held as Pan Trinbago is not constitutionally in right standing. The men said elections were due in October last year and to date there has been no mention of that happening soon and as such, the current executive is operating illegally and any event supported by Pan Trinbago should not be supported by panmen.

On Monday NCC chair Winston Peters said an estimated $35 million will be allocated to produce a semblance of Carnival with events for vaccinated only.

This announcement was bitter-sweet with some accepting whatever aspect of the culture they can get after last year’s cancellation and others finding the decision lacking the taste of Carnival.

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