Clive Zanda is Dead - The King Is Dead by Rubadiri Victor


CLIVE ZANDA IS DEAD. The King is Dead! Long Live the King!!! This is one of the greatest losses we have experienced to date- and we have experienced ALOT(!!!)- because Clive Zanda was virtually untapped as a resource (even after contributing so much) and still contained so much Music in him. The co-originator of Kaiso-Jazz with Scofield Pilgrim he was a Pioneer of Pioneers. His album 'Clive Zanda Is Here With Dat Kinda Ting (Calypso Jazz Innovations)' is one of the great and essential 20th century Jazz albums for what it uttered into the world. The compositions, the theory made modal flesh, and for the scary drumming of Michael Toby Tobias...

Clive now joins one of 3 of the great regrets that I have had with T&T Elders. Zanda approached me (after years of me prodding him in the direction) to do a full retrospective of his life and discography, along with assisting him in the recording of new music. This could have been between 15-20 years ago. He was tired of being rejected by local institutions of higher learning who felt they knew better and so he also wanted to compile all his theories of Kaiso Jazz in one place. I collated a lot of his stuff and did up a masterplan of how we could approach the whole project and how it could be worthwhile to him.

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