Beverley wants three Moore years


Gerard Mendez

Beverley wants three Moore years.

Beverley Ramsey-Moore keeps repeating to the public that Mr. Keith Diaz got three extra years and she can’t understand why it is a problem now under her leadership. 

The conundrum Pan Trinbago has found itself in once again, is as a result of dishonor, disrespect and dishonesty. Beverley Ramsey-Moore and her depleted executive of six out of ten has gone mad with power. An executive with a despotic hold on power at any cost which in this case is at the cost of the national instrument and all its stakeholders. 

October 2021 was the official end of Beverley’s term in office which means, according to the constitution, she can no longer be considered the president of Pan Trinbago. In true dictatorial fashion, she kicked Dane Gulston and myself (Gerard Mendez) out of a zoom meeting, in order to make the decision to postpone the election. She then reached out to her supporters to sign that they agreed with her decision. Since then, she has continuously told the media that she has 70% of the bands signed in agreement with her decision so she has to cater for over 600 delegates to vote in a convention/election. As a consequence of such high numbers, we are unable to hold elections safely. According to our calculations, at two delegates per band, over 600 delegates will give us over 300 bands. So, it is reasonable to estimate, based on her utterances in the media over the past three months, that 70% of bands that support her have to be over 210 bands. I am asking now for Beverley Ramsey-Moore to please present the list of bands to the membership and the media. If you cannot give evidence of over 210 bands, please stop misrepresenting the will of the membership with fabricated figures. 

No Beverley, you cannot hold on to office for three years or until the pandemic ends by using Covid as an excuse. 

Beverley's initial reasons for not holding the election was that the membership cannot gather, based upon public health protocols. Also, she was unable to have her membership function in a virtual space. It is very ironic that the same Beverley is now attempting to keep a Panorama-like show in the Savannah, in a space that we had been suggesting as ideal for our convention/election months ago. The irony continues when the same Beverley is announcing her intention to hold virtual shows in Easter for vaccinated and unvaccinated members, which is a format we had also suggested for our convention/election. For Beverley and her executive to boldly present themselves to the point that they even make these contradictions is sending the message to the membership that they have either gone mad or they do not care at all about the constitutional rights of their membership. 

To the honourable Minister Mr. Randall Mitchell, we the members of Pan Trinbago are asking you to remove Beverley Ramsey-Moore from the NCC board with immediate effect, stop paying Beverley Ramsey-Moore and her executive salaries with state funds and do not under any uncertain terms put pan men’s money in the hands of an illegal entity. If you continue to do so you would be sending a message to all citizens that the PNM government is comfortable with putting money in the hands of criminals. In addition, the policies of the NCC must change to ensure that the disbursement of public funds to the various interest groups is on the grounds that they adhere steadfastly to their constitutions to avoided the chaos that is developing within Mas, Calypso and Pan under your watch as Minister of Tourism, Culture and the Arts.

Yours truly, Gerard Mendez, from a "non-band" according Beverley Ramsey-Moore, City Sun Valley Steel Orchestra.  The same "non-band" Beverley had chosen to be part of her executive team, Team Rebuild, three years ago. 

Enough is enough 

Gerard Mendez

Manager of City Sun Valley Steel Orchestra

Diamond Vale Diego Martin

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