When Steel Talks extends Birthday Greetings to panist & performing musician Malikiya Bando

Malikiya Bando at Vaughnette Bigford’s ʽDe Sunset Pan Jazz Lime 2021’ in Naparima Bowl - photo: Da Pelican pictures

Happy Birthday to Malikiya Bando

January 26th

When Steel Talks extends Birthday Greetings to panist, Malikiya Bando 

“...the lack of respect that is given to us by the wider national community is disappointing. Even though music is a part of everyday life, citizens still do not recognise how much discipline and talent are needed to learn and perform. Steelpan has given so much wealth and merriment to other communities of persons; why can’t some of these work with us to improve our livelihood?...” -- Malikiya Bando

She is young, gifted and wise beyond her years. She sees the way forward. In addition she is a valued member of Desperadoes Steel Orchestra and Caribbean Steelpan Connextion. In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks - musician Malikiya Bando shares her experiences, views, reflections and dreams on Pan, and the steelpan art form overall.

Malikiya Bando with Desperadoes Steel Orchestra - photo: Maria Nunes

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